What items are allowed in my hand carry and checked baggage?

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Please take note of these rules: 
  • Each guest is allowed one (1) hand carry/carry-on baggage inside the cabin, with a maximum weight of seven (7) kilograms and dimensions up to 56cm x 36cm x 23cm. This includes most wheeled cabin bags and backpacks. The carry-on baggage must fit inside the overhead bin.
  • To avoid the Airport Baggage fee, make sure your checked baggage does not exceed 39 inches in length and width. Learn more about baggage specifications.

The following are considered exemptions and are allowed on top of your one (1) piece hand carry/carry-on baggage:

  • Extra bag for parents/guardians if traveling with children.
  • Medical-related needs of passengers such as, but not limited to, walking stick, crutches, prosthetic devices, and personal wheelchair.
  • Items purchased inside the airport. Proof of receipt is required to be presented to the counter agent/boarding gate agent.
  • Gadget or food items that cannot be accepted for check-in.
  • A small bag that can fit under the seat.

Please also be informed of the following:

  • A Gate Baggage Fee will be charged to guests who did not declare any check-in baggage during check-in but are found to be carrying more than the allowed and acceptable piece count, size and weight of a cabin baggage.
  • Dangerous items are not allowed for check-in or as carry-on. Click here to learn more.
  • To better prepare for your travels and avoid airport fees, guests need to purchase their baggage allowance while booking a flight or managing their booking with Cebu Pacific.
  • Food and beverage purchased in the airport may be brought inside the aircraft, however, this is not allowed on flights to and from Australia. Please make sure to check your destination's regulations. 

These are general guidelines only. Please check your destination's regulations in case they have item restrictions.


Item Restrictions & Rules

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